Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Road Trip

In my mind the words road trip go oh so well with destination Grand Haven.   I love road trips, I think it is in my blood.  It's how my family almost always vacationed and today I just love the freeing feeling of hitting the open road.  Unless of course you are trying to get out of DC on a Friday afternoon and then I do not love the feeling of endless brake lights and traffic jams... but that's another story!

The west coast of Michigan is a great drive - cute little towns, lake views and lighthouses..... Head north from Grand Haven on US 31 and you find gems like Sleeping Bear Dunes - a Vink family favorite with lots of little fun spots along the way.

Bill Vink (Ruth's husband) enjoying a beach drive in the 1930's

Next week will be road trip time... destination Grand Haven - Ruth's Retreat!  It is a 683 mile trip for me coming from DC, which seems like a walk in the park compared to the 1,151 mile drive we did growing up coming from Colorado - which my parents will be doing next week.  What can I say - I have some pretty awesome parents!  So...look for some updates live from Ruth's Retreat coming soon!

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Kathy Vink Lane said...

I love the picture of Uncle Bill. It is amazing how much he and Dad looked alike then.

Thank you for sharing that, Christina.