Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remembering our photo at a time

I have been going through some of Grandma Ruth's old photo albums recently, picking out a few old photos that I want to use in the house.  I have always loved these albums, I loved leafing through them as a kid, asking grandma for the story behind the photo or spotting an item that I recognized like a doll, chair or wash tub that had somehow survived over the generations. I cherish these little glimpses into the past, the memories and stories that they hold generations later.  I love the candid shots, babies crying, kids sledding and ridding bikes, families living life together.  While not a candid shot, or even one with people in it, this photo of my grandpa's service station caught my eye today.  It was located only 4 blocks away from Ruth's Retreat - the house I now own in Grand Haven, what a neat glimpse into history and life, grateful for old photos and the memories they hold.

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