Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Are Your Father's Daughter

Yes I know it is Mother's Day weekend...but in our family it is also Dad's birthday weekend!  These words "You are your father's daughter" have been uttered several times by my mother over the years...most recently when we were at Ruth's back in February.  This was our first visit since I had closed on the house and we were cleaning, fixing and getting things set up.  I found myself in the back of the closet under the stairs in the dining room - perched on my toes in a squat, wearing my head lamp, hammer in one hand, screwdriver in the other - prying layer upon layer of old flooring out of the closet.
It hadn't started that way - my job had been to vacuum the closet and then come back in with my rag and mop water to wipe down the floor (the seeming multiple layers of half torn out floor covering) Simple enough...right??
So one would think...and that was about the moment when my mom just laughed, shook her head and said "you are your fathers daughter" as I began my much more in-depth project that ended with a nice clean single layer of wood floor in the closet!
Colorado Loving, Adventure & Explore...with a little stubborn on the side! Thanks Dad!
It is true, I most definitely inherited the "do it right the first time..see what is around the corner or underneath.. adventure and explore" personality from my dad.  Over the years this has lead us to explore country roads just to see where they lead, local shops instead of the tourist markets when traveling or what might have been an hour long build a model house for a school project into a day long, but most well built and detailed project the teacher had ever seen.
My dad can fix just about anything, which I have greatly appreciated time and time again - and he has made it a point to teach me along the way for which I am grateful.  A little stubborn (blame that on our Dutch heritage), a sense of adventure and a desire to see things done well.  Thanks Dad for these gifts you have given me.  Happy Birthday to You!

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