Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Year Later

A year ago this weekend...
I got a great flight deal so I decided to go to Grand Haven for the weekend to visit family and friends, to enjoy one of my favorite places for a few days.
I soaked up the sun at the beach and walked along the boardwalk.
I spent time with family and friends...from great aunts and uncles to little babies .
I wandered along the beach to check out the sand castle competition.

I watched the musical fountain, ate ice cream and had a pronto pup or two.
I met with a relator in town for the first time and spent a few hours looking at houses. Some too big, some too small, some too far away,  some just too weird - but enjoyed looking and pondering more of what I was looking for or if I was even sure I wanted to buy a house in a state I didn't live in!

This weekend...
I wish I could be in Grand Haven...checking out the sand castles and
eating a few pronto pups!
I will have been the home owner of Ruth's Retreat in Grand Haven for almost 6 months - a house in a state I don't live in, but love dearly.
I will finish up details for a summer full of family's who will spend time enjoying Grand Haven and staying at Ruth's Retreat.  At this point over 30 adults and their 30+ little kids will spend some sweet summer days at Ruth's for vacation in Grand Haven.  Eating meals around the dining room table that my dad and I assembled - a table that celebrated it's first meal with dear family friends on a snowy evening back in February.  Playing in a yard that is being maintained by some of the same dear family friends - the same ones who Grandma Ruth played with and loved on over 30 years ago - just a few blocks away at her house in Grand Haven.  It has been the details I have loved seeing come together this year - down to the fact that my parents found the wind-chimes and front door decoration that Grandma had hanging at her house in Colorado and brought them out.  As the breeze blows off the lake, little sweet reminders of memories past drift by as new ones are being created.
I will marvel at how this has all come together in the last 6 months and be grateful!

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Katy Desroches said...

You definitely made your stay in Grand Haven memorable - eating some pronto pups, watching the musical fountain, meeting with a realtor, but in all you did, looking around for houses was the most exciting part. And even if you didn’t end up buying a house; at least you’re able to have an idea of what kind of house you wanted to own.

Katy @